Not So Kosher Gets Tied Up with Holiday Hostage Creators Abby Walla & David Storch

Holiday Hostage

A comedic short film about a dysfunctional Jewish family held hostage on Thanksgiving.

You think your family is messed up? HOLIDAY HOSTAGE is a comedic short film that tops your family’s dysfunction. It’s Thanksgiving night and all Abby and David want to do is quickly eat their turkey and ditch their overbearing “still has their umbilical cords” Jewish mother. Before they can make their getaway, Gary, a deranged ex-convict, breaks in and takes the family hostage.

Tensions are high, family secrets are revealed, and Gary just forced everyone to go the bathroom with him. At least Grandma is here to calm the family down. Just kidding, she’s batshit crazy. Can this family make peace with one another before they’re offed? Oy vey!