Back Room Stewdios is the brain-child of S.Paul Minnesota based resident Bex aka Becca Leventhal Kvasnik, the granddaughter to Cecils Deli in Highland Park.

Not wanting to bust her ass 24/7 in the restaurant business, Bex brought a different kind of food to Highland, an earfood.  Back Room Stewdios is a mix of podcasts from comedy, business, educational and more, enlightening your senses to their fullest, one "ON POINT" podcast after another!  

Bex has a flair for comedy and that is shown in all that she does. After starting a podcast in early 2015, she met an old friend and they started Not So Kosher Podcast. Becoming an immediate success Bex realized her desire and drive to discuss topics, that might not be discussed in a public form with confidence and humor.

Bex, still keeping residence in Highland Park, is a self proclaimed Domestic Engineer for her wonderful husband Big Daddy. He considers her podcasting just an expensive hobby that keeps her from spending too much time at the Mall.  Bex has raised two beautiful daughters and is now fortunate to have the time it takes to create fabulous podcasts!

Back Room Stewdios is happy to partner with other Podcasters and we encourage anyone interested to contact us today to discuss posting on our website.

So, download to listen on-the-go or stream episodes on the fly!